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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 = My Worst Year Ever

Yeah... so if you couldn't tell by the title... I for one, am definitely ready for this New Year to kick off....

Reasons why this Year completely sucked:

1) I lost a brother, a best friend, 2 cousins, and three other friends this year... (3 of them were just in the month of February)
2) MJ, Steve McNair & Chris Henry died... WTF! (see a trend?)
3) Matter of fact, WAY too many people died this year....

4) My revenue from beat sales were the worst they've been in 2 years (damn near when i first started)

5) Bow Wow signed to Young Money (wackness x wackness = wackness^2)

6) I think I slacked off on this blog like four times (this WONT happen in 2010)

7) I have to wait until this next year to cash in on all these fuckin tax writeoffs.

The list continues... Part II coming later on tomorrow... Happy New Years yall lol

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

I know its late into the holiday... but I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

Also wanted to post this video i found on WSHH... RIDICULOUS lmaoooooo...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aberdeen HS Football Twitter

The football team I coach has a twitter page (NO i did not make it haha). If you wanna keep up with our progress, it gets updated before, during, and after all of our games (which are all on Friday's this year).

So far this year we are 3-0!
Game 1: vs. Edgewood @ Home (W 44-0)
Game 2: vs. Bohemia Manor @ Home (W 16-14)
Game 3: vs. Harford Tech @ Home (W 54-6)
Game 4: vs. North Harford @ Home ------>>> Friday 9/25 @ 7:00 PM
Game 5: @ Joppatowne ------>>> Friday 10/2 @ 7:00 PM

P.S. I apologize for taking a damn month to update this blog again... It won't happen again, I promise =] lmao.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Bow Wow a Cash Money Millionaire?

so according to Bow Wow's Twitter, Birdman & Wayne actually decided to sign Bow to Cash Money/Young Money...

From his Twitter Page:


^ so THIS is the next big thing on Lil Wayne's roster??!?! ... ummmm.....

No Comment. (except for... have fun with that mixtape deal buddy.)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Justice - The 9th Seal Mixtape (A MUST PEEP!)

Everyone... and I mean EVERYONE needs to peep & download my dude Justice's new mixtape "The 9th Seal" hosted by DJ E-Feezy

Click HERE to Download Justice's New Mixtape "The 9th Seal" Hosted by DJ E-Feezy

This is some real hip-hop right here... my dude is a producer as well as an artist but if you couldn't tell by the title of the track, all the joints on this mixtape are done over classic 9th Wonder beats, and best believe, he WRECKS these joints (I think i replayed Track 2 - Testify about 15 times the first time I tried playin the tape through)

You can check my dude's beats here Jhe Guevara SoundClick Page

Or check out his tracks on MySpace Justice's Official MySpace Page

AND hit my dude with a follow on Twitter

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Holy shit who the hell would ever think of some random shit like this LMFAOOOOOOO!!

This is what happens when u live in the country all ur life and have absolutely NOTHING ELSE TO DO LMFAO.

I gotta admit tho... this is ill as shit hahahaha....

O DAMN Vid of the Week #1

i just thought this jordan pic made outta gatorade was fuckin sick lol... u should too haha

Thursday, July 30, 2009

WOW @ Eminem

LOL first time i posted on my blog in a MINUTE... but DAMMNNNNNNN

Eminem completely assaults Mariah in this new diss...

im sorry lol... but Mariah = PWNED. lol


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Photos from Architects

I know I've been slackin lol, but here were just a slight few pics from our session @ Architects Studio on June 24th

J-Slick aka Mr. Mullinix (MySpace or @MrMullinix on Twitter)

Yung Prince (MySpace or @officialprince on Twitter)

Please Help Me Out!!!

Whats good everyone???

Last year, i received a nomination in September for's "Producer of the Year Award" for 2008 by becoming Producer of the Month that month.
I came up short in the Producer of the Year standings by only a few votes...

The nominations & voting process for Producer of the Month has started back up this year, and I would greatly appreciate your vote!

Click this Banner to go to my WBP Page!

It's very easy to vote, just 3 easy steps:
1) go to and sign up for FREE (either as a member or producer)
2) check your e-mail after you sign up for your password
3) Log In and then go to my WBP page, you will see the vote button on your right!

Thanks again everyone, I really appreciate it!

God Bless

Sunday, July 5, 2009

R.I.P. Steve "Air" McNair

hoping everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July =]

on the other hand... my deepest sympathy goes out to the McNair family

Former Alcorn State/Vikings/Oilers/Titans/Ravens Quarterback Steve McNair was shot and killed today in a very suspicious murder... This is what, like the 6th celebrity death in the past two weeks??!?! This is slowly but surely getting out of hand...

McNair was one of my favorite players in the NFL, from his Super Bowl run in the Titans first season (that i still believe they should have won)... to his short tenure as the starting QB for my favorite/hometown team, the Ravens...

May the Lord bless his family... and watch over him in Heaven...

Rest In Peace: Steve "Air" McNair
(February 14, 1973 - July 4, 2009)

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Akay & Stacks New Mixtape

The New Mixtape "The World Is My Toilet" from Akay & Stacks... Hosted by ME!!!

Happy 4th of July!!!

Go Here to Download:

Preview Below!


Thursday, July 2, 2009

Best I Ever Had = Worst I Ever Saw?!?! o_O

Drake "Best I Ever Had" from kwest on Vimeo.

For those of you who haven't seen the new Drake "Best I Ever Had" video... you're not missing anything. You'd be better off listening to the single while staring at a wall.

The video has absolutely NOTHING to do with the concept of the song, and its obvious that Kanye used the heavy cleavage shots to keep people interested...


First you get out-mobilized by a 67 year old man on stage in Eddie Levert at the BET awards, then this video... epic FAIL.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

so I'm sitting here at the crib in awe at what I'm looking at right now... after about an hour and a half of foolish gossip and false claims its finally confirmed that he's really gone...

as im watching all these channels and reading all these articles, its quite obvious that the media don't really give a shit about life... well at least 75% of it... they just wanna be the people to let it loose when you're gone. It's a damn shame...

Anyways, back to Mike...

Random Fact: March 6, 2009 - Thriller was certified 28x Platinum (28 million copies sold in the United States alone)... the greatest selling album of all time.

Despite all the negativity brought about him in his last years... you cannot deny the fact that he was one of the most talented musicians there ever was, a pioneer for MANY genres of music we listen to today... Without MJ, I guarantee you at least 60% of the music out now wouldn't be here... I still have mad respect for the dude despite all of the allegations against him, both as a person and as one of the best there could ever be...


The flesh is gone, but the spirit and music will never leave...
R.I.P. Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009)

Remix Snippet

once i left the studio last night i worked on a couple things, including the beat that started rite up when the page loaded (Beat 507 - The Wire Pt. II)

i got bored lol so i threw this acapella over the track... enjoy =]


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grind Mode @ Architects: Pt. I

so im up here... chillin @ the Architects Studio on Harford Rd. (Northeast B-More) rite now with my dude Rico and his 2 artists Yung Prince & Mr. Mullinix (J-Slick)... had some technical difficulties at first cuz one of the beats Rico bought wasnt tracked out right... (GO FIGURE... it was one he didn't buy from me LOL)

Anyways, session's goin pretty good, they finished up two tracks (bout 2 do the last one now), and I was able to show the engineer a couple tricks (shocked myself, I'm supposed to be the damn grasshopper in this studio learning bout everything haha)

Bout 2 upload some pics from here in a minute... next time we setup here we'll probably go live on UStream (

Once I dip out here I'm probably headin STRAIGHT to my studio lol... gotta send out Akay's mixtape to him & Stacks, then work on some new R&B tracks for an upcoming meeting with the manager of West Ave. (local R&B male group who just inked a deal with Def Jam)... im DEFINITELY trying my damnest to get a COUPLE placements out of this... Lord knows I need it rite about now haha...

Anyways, Im signin out for now... Make sure yall are followin me on twitter too, i'll be updating a little more there as well.

Keep it real yall... God Bless,


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

LMFAOOOOOOOO @ this video

After hearing about Perez Hilton's "encounter" with Will.I.Am on twitter... i think this might be what REALLY happened...

Note: Remote in ass.... PAUSE. SMDH

lol enjoy...


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Daddy Day lol

What's good everyone...

Since its past midnight over here, its officially Father's Day... Just givin a shoutout to all the dads out there who are handlin their business and takin care of their kids... Coming from a dude who grew up without a pops its a definite that dudes needa start takin care of their responsibilities...

That's all for now, lol... im hella spent...

Keep it real yall... God Bless...


Saturday, June 20, 2009

Welcome to the New Blog!

What's good everyone...

This is officially the first post by me on this blog (the other 2 posts i shot over here from the old blog)

Just makin this short & sweet... I hope everyone enjoys my blog and follows me through my journeys in this music industry...

Holla @ me yall...

Thanks & God Bless


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barack Obama takes the Oath

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Forget a Label for a minute... DO IT YOURSELF!!!

i know in this time of day... EVERYONE pretty much is looking to get signed...

but if you don't push yourself and your work first, nobody will listen..

with that said, my boy Dilly hooked y'all up with links to various sites to help you get your name out... for MAD CHEAP (ain't nothin free)

check that link and the first post...

Links Include:
- Flyers & Mixtape/Album Covers
- other Graphic Design
- File Hosting
- CD Duplication
- Shirts, Stickers & Other Merch
- getting your music on AOL & iTUNES

yall welcome, lol... holla back, God Bless

- Black Magic (1/8th of the Militia)


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