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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Grind Mode @ Architects: Pt. I

so im up here... chillin @ the Architects Studio on Harford Rd. (Northeast B-More) rite now with my dude Rico and his 2 artists Yung Prince & Mr. Mullinix (J-Slick)... had some technical difficulties at first cuz one of the beats Rico bought wasnt tracked out right... (GO FIGURE... it was one he didn't buy from me LOL)

Anyways, session's goin pretty good, they finished up two tracks (bout 2 do the last one now), and I was able to show the engineer a couple tricks (shocked myself, I'm supposed to be the damn grasshopper in this studio learning bout everything haha)

Bout 2 upload some pics from here in a minute... next time we setup here we'll probably go live on UStream (

Once I dip out here I'm probably headin STRAIGHT to my studio lol... gotta send out Akay's mixtape to him & Stacks, then work on some new R&B tracks for an upcoming meeting with the manager of West Ave. (local R&B male group who just inked a deal with Def Jam)... im DEFINITELY trying my damnest to get a COUPLE placements out of this... Lord knows I need it rite about now haha...

Anyways, Im signin out for now... Make sure yall are followin me on twitter too, i'll be updating a little more there as well.

Keep it real yall... God Bless,


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