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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 = My Worst Year Ever

Yeah... so if you couldn't tell by the title... I for one, am definitely ready for this New Year to kick off....

Reasons why this Year completely sucked:

1) I lost a brother, a best friend, 2 cousins, and three other friends this year... (3 of them were just in the month of February)
2) MJ, Steve McNair & Chris Henry died... WTF! (see a trend?)
3) Matter of fact, WAY too many people died this year....

4) My revenue from beat sales were the worst they've been in 2 years (damn near when i first started)

5) Bow Wow signed to Young Money (wackness x wackness = wackness^2)

6) I think I slacked off on this blog like four times (this WONT happen in 2010)

7) I have to wait until this next year to cash in on all these fuckin tax writeoffs.

The list continues... Part II coming later on tomorrow... Happy New Years yall lol

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