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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

R.I.P. Keith "Guru" Elam [Gangstarr]

Gangstarr's rapper Guru passed away yesterday from Cancer at the age of 43. For those of yall who grew up on the old school classic hip-hop.. DJ Premier & Guru were some true beasts in the game... Guru's legacy shall live on.

DJ Premier has posted a list for anyone and everyone to sign on his website... The list will be sent to all of Guru's family and close friends.... show him some love yall, & go past Primo's site to sign the list. Let his peeps know we care! - In Memory of Guru
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Rest In Peace... Keith "Guru" Elam (July 17, 1966 – April 19, 2010)

In memory of Guru... here's a classic...

Gangstarr - Mass Appeal (Music Video)

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