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Thursday, May 27, 2010

50 Cent.... or maybe just a dime & 3 nickels?

I'm sure this is the 50 Cent that y'all are used to seeing, right???

... well this is 50 NOW...

Damn if he don't look like a lost ethiopian child #nshit.... but apparently he's dropped 50 lbs. to play a former college football player turned Cancer patient in an upcoming movie "Things Fall Apart" directed by Mario Van Peebles (who also directed New Jack City wayyy back in the day)... 50 dropped from his normal weight of 215 all the way down to 160 in 9 weeks from 3 hour daily sessions on a treadmill, as well as eating or drinking nothing but regular water & vitamin water...

I guess I can appreciate the effort? Would you go see 50 lookin like this in Things Fall Apart?!?

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