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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Joe Budden vs. Drake?!? (TRACKS INSIDE)

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Joe's been a busy dude lately, mentioning Drake, Jay-Z & Meek Mill in his latest FIRE track "Making a Murderer, Part I." Joe insists that he's not trying to start a beef, he's just trying to make these high-end rap dudes actually "rap" again. Which leads me to this...

What good might a Joe Budden x Drake rap battle do for hip-hop?!?

Joe recently mentioned on his "I'll Name This Podcast Later" podcast that Drake sounded "real f**kin uninspired" on his track "Views," which seems to be the influence for Drake's subliminal response on "4PM in Calabasas." Joe later mentioned after hearing the track that Drake addressed "every single point that [Budden] had mentioned the week before."

A little over a month ago, French Montana released a 10-second video clip of a new track that features Drake, which also has a clip from Joe's '03 hit "Pump It Up," insinuating a possible joint response in the making... However, Joe is tired of waiting, which is why his "Making a Murderer, Part I" was released two days ago and taking the internet by storm.

Personally, I'm a fan of both Joe and Drake, as well as the hip-hop battle culture. It's always been a touchy subject for most but it sparks the hunger in a lot of artists to come out with their best 'writtens' to date when in "Battle Mode." I honestly think the hip-hop world benefits greatly from a Joe x Drake rap beef.

Let's just hope some fire comes out from these two in the near future. It seems like Budden is ready...

Side Note: While you're at it check Joe's new track with Fab & Tory Lanez off his FL:EX AM LP. It's fire!

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